Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 2

Let The Fun Begin!

I finally managed to get down to my favourite craft store on Wednesday afternoon and picked up lots of distress and alcohol inks and some stamps. I wasn't overly thrilled with the selection of stamps - particularly after watching Tim's video which included a reveal of the 'Stamp Wall' in his studio. Oh, that is one amazing wall! However, I now know what kinds of stamps to look out for in future!

So, yesterday evening I sat down to complete both Day 2 and Day 3's homework.

Day Two's Tim Lesson was all about how to create some amazing effects with water-based dye inks. All of the techniques we learn on this course can be archived on tags - such a clever idea for quick referencing - so without further ado I reveal my three homework tags for Day 2!

  • Tag 1 - 'Blended Spritz and Flick' technique onto manila cardstock
  • Tag 2 - 'Brushless Watercolour' technique onto watercolour paper (love how this turned out)
  • Tag 3 - 'Wrinkle Free Distress' technique onto manila cardstock (although, out of the three tags this was the one that 'wrinkled' the most LOL)
I love how these turned out. Being so new to inks and stamping in general, I thoroughly enjoyed learning the processes involved, and feel confident I can use them on future projects.

I think I'll put metal eyelets on each of the tags once I have finished the set. That way I can put the whole lot on a ring of some sort to hang in my studio as a wonderful reference tool down the track a bit.

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  1. Your tags are just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on these.