Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 3

And so I beavered on into the night with Day 3's homework.

Day 3 was all about archival ink (pigment) and alcohol ink. These techniques were a little more challenging for me. But I'm still happy with the results.

I do find glossy paper hard to stamp on with big, beautiful, red rubber mounted onto wood stamps. I discovered that stamps inked up with archival ink have a habit of sliding around on glossy paper if you let them. So I gave my stamps a good talking to, and concentrated hard, and I think I have a much better 'stamping' technique now than when I started out last night!

So ... here are my three homework tags for Day 3.

  • Tag 4 - 'Alcohol Ink Agates' technique. I had to have a couple of goes to get this right. And the camera's flash flared out the top left hand corner. And the archival inked stamp at the bottom slipped a bit during application ... but all in all I do like how this one turned out.
  • Tag 5 - 'Reflections Stamping' technique. Probably not my most favourite technique. I do totally love how the embossing worked, and how the archival inks worked on this tag. Don't really like how the archival ink reacted but then, I guess you can't always love every single technique in a class!
  • Tag 6 - 'Archival Resist' technique. OK so this looks totally different to the wonderful 'vintage' look sample Tim did in class. But I really, really do like this technique and how this particular tag turned out.
I cannot work out how Tim does not get his hands totally covered in ink in his demo videos. (I guess that's why he is the Master and I am the Novice!) And how his work area remains so tidy and clean. I am finally remembering to put the lids back on my stamp pads, and to wipe my stamps after I use them. However, this is how my studio desk looked after I had finished my homework last night.

And my hands were covered in black archival ink. I'm thinking perhaps rubber gloves might be a good idea this evening!

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