Sunday, 25 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 4

Had to go to the craft shop again yesterday to stock up on extra 'stuff' in order to finish my homework for Days 4 and 5.

Now, I have to say at the outset here that this isn't really much of a hardship for me to go shopping at a craft shop. Having said that though, I think the most difficult part of being quite new to the stamping world is that I needed to buy lots of things, and had to stop myself from buying every one of the various inks and stamps and pads in the Ranger Ink and Stampers Anomymous range - because it's ALL SO DAMN WONDERFUL!

So I tried my hardest to be conservative, and bought basic colours in the various types of inks in order to complete the class homework. I got it mostly right, but chose stains that perhaps weren't really the right colours. But I guess that is what participating in a class is all about - learn from your mistakes and be pleased when a choice which you thought wrong in the beginning works out anyway once you've done a bit of experimenting!

OK so here are my three technique tags from Day 4's class.

  • Tag 7 - 'Watercolouring with Re-inkers' - Excellent fun, but time consuming.
  • Tag 8 - 'Layered Misting' - This is not my favourite technique. It actually looks better in this photo than in real life. Because it's a technique tag I haven't embellished, but if I was doing a tag like this again, I'd be stamping over the top of it for sure!
  • Tag 9 - 'Custom Stamp Pad' - Oh this is great fun! Will be doing more of these in future!
I had occasion to make a friend a birthday card yesterday - so I decided to put my newly acquired knowledge to the test. It turned out really well (and the recipient was mightly impressed). Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it before I took it to the birthday boy last night. Duh!

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  1. These are lovely, I love your water colouring with re-inkers especially. It's not may favourite technique but you made it look so beautiful.