Sunday, 25 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 5

Because it's the weekend I've also completed Day 5's homework.

Of course, nothing else has been done around the house (apart from the laundry which has to happen or we don't have work clothes for next week) - but then, the dirt isn't going anywhere so it will still be there when I finally decide to finish in my studio.

I really very much enjoyed Day 5's techniques. I had to have a couple of goes with 2 of them, but am very happy with the final results.

Here are my Day 5 tags.

I think they are extremely pretty, even though I say so myself LOL!
  • Tag 10 - 'Stained Kraft Resist' technique. I didn't have any Kraft Resist paper in my studio so when I was down at the craft shop I grabbed a stack. This was whilst I was talking to another shopper who I discovered was also taking Creative Chemistry 101, so didn't really look at what I was buying. When I got home I realised I had bought the Halloween Haunts stack. Darn it - I had really wanted the lovely stack Tim used in his video. However, I found some script on one of the pages and used it for the tag. It's a bit hard to see the stamping over the top in the photo, but it's a totally delicious technique which I will use over and over again.
  • Tag 11 - 'Stamping with Stains' technique. Love, love, love. Actually when you look at Tags 10 and 11 they look rather similar because of the script on the background. But up close and personal you realise they are two different techniques. The stains I bought weren't really dark enough, but remembering what Tim said about distress stain colour intensifing if you work over them several times, my 'Tattered Rose' and 'Weathered Wood' actually did finally stand out enough for the layering to work.
  • Tag 12 - 'Marbled Stains' technique. First time I tried this I made mud! Mainly because my stain colour choices were too light for this method. I then decide to use re-inkers, spritzed with water instead of stains. I'm rather pleased with the result although it probably doesn't look terribly 'marble-like'.
I think one of the best things about taking this class is that I am now not as afraid to experiment and try different ways of achieving a background with inks and stains. Learning about different ink properties has certainly helped me to experiment 'intelligently' and to understand why something didn't work and how to make it work next time. Thanks Tim!


  1. Your tags look very good. Really like your tag 12

  2. I have enjoyed the classes this week, Monday is going to be a problem cos I only have 1 Distress marker! I will just have to wait until I get a few more before I can do my homework...

  3. Great samples. It's been quite a revealing week about how to use products and understaning how they work. I like that you are now not afraid to experiment, it makes working with these products a lot more fun don't you think?

  4. Cool tags!!
    They captured my glance into CC101 Day5 gallery!
    Hugs and Creativity from Italy

  5. Great tags! I am also loving the class and can hardly wait for tomorrow! See you in class.

  6. Oooh your tags are fabulous I like the way the picket fence image has come out so well on your second tag. Glad I have inspired you to have a go at todays technique without markers too! Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog.

  7. love your blog and the name! paper T'art!!!! brilliant!