Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 8

I'm playing catch up this evening.

I had to wait until I had a chance to get down to my local scrapbooking shop today to pick up the final supplies to complete Days 8-10 of Creative Chemistry 101.

Waiting worked out quite well. I had already bought Clear Rock Candy distress crackle paint on my last foray into the scrapbooking shop, so was able to get some ground work done for Day 8's homework. It meant I could set up the crackle tags and leave them to dry naturally ready for today's finishing.

So without any further waffling ... here are my Day 8 Tags!

  • Tag 19 - 'Paint Dabber Resist' technique. 
  • Tag 20 - 'Crackle Paint Resist' technique.
  • Tag 21 - 'Shattered Stains' technique.
I have to say I totally loved all three of these techniques. And was really pleased to be able to finish the crackle paint techniques that had been waiting so patiently for the past couple of days to be completed.

1 comment:

  1. The shapes you used for the crackle paint are way cool...would be great as borders on journal fronts, scrapebook pages, etc. You have a really nice esthetic.