Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101- Day 9

Ripped through the techniques in Day 9's lesson. Kind of. Well actually, if I tell the truth I had to have a couple of goes at getting one of the tags right - but that's because I'd watched Tim's video a couple of days ago and thought I'd remembered how to do the technique. Ha!

So, I watched the whole video through again, and whilst I HAD remembered two of the techniques correctly, I really hadn't remembered the third technique properly at all.

That's one of the beauties of this wonderful course. Once paid for, this course is available to it's participants for ever, so I can go back at any time if I forget a technique, or want to refresh my memory about a certain step or stage. I can conjure up Professor Tim at the click (or two) of a computer mouse and voila! he appears in my studio to help me out with a particularly tricky technique ;-)

So ... here are Day 9's little beauties!

  • Tag 22 - 'Perfect Distress Mist' technique. The light has caught the bronze Perfect Pearls and washed out the pic a bit - but it truly does shine in the light.
  • Tag 23 - 'Perfect Distress' technique. This was the tag that gave me grief initially. Second time round, after watching the video again, I tried again and am very pleased with the results. Up close and personal it looks really good and distressed wit ha bronze sheen.
  • Tag 24 - 'Perfect Splatter Distress' technique. This one is much nicer in person - you can't actually see the bronze Perfect Pearls in the the pic at all.
Considering I left my camera at work and have had to take tonight's pics with my phone, I'm actually surprised they turned out as well as they did.

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