Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fingers crossed!

Arrived home from a quick twenty-four trip down to Busselton to discover that Tim Holtz is teaching class when he visits Australia next month! I am so excited - to attend class run by Tim in person is a dream that I thought just would not happen for me.

AND the Brisbane class dates fit in perfectly with when I am there for the Papercraft Expo.

I have no idea whether or not I'm going be able to get a space in the classes - the email feed from Tim's blog was 12 hours old when I read it after getting home, so fingers crossed there is still room! I have emailed and requested both classes ... hopefully I'll hear tomorrow.

The really funny thing about this is that I had thought I had mucked up my plane bookings totally when I bought them earlier this year. I hadn't read the dates for the Expo very carefully before I jumped on-line to book my flights and didn't realise until later that the timing of the Expo was Saturday, Sunday and Monday because it's a long weekend over there on that weekend. I had booked my flights to arrive on Thursday night and leave on Monday, assuming (wrongly) that the Expo would run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When I did realise my mistake I decided not to try and change the booking, as it was way too much hassle, and thought I could take myself to the art gallery and museum on the Friday instead.

Imagine my delight when I realised that Tim's classes are scheduled for the Friday. Woo Hoo! Obivously the papercraft fairies had all of this totally under control waaaaaay before Stamp It Australia and Tim knew what was going on LOL!

So - keeping everything crossed until I hear if I've managed to jag positions in either or both classes. There will be one very happy little vegemite updating this particular blog post if she gets in :-)


  1. Hi Janie, saw your message on Tim's blog. I'm going to Brisbane too (the afternoon session) & only got the message last night, just before 7pm. Your message on the blog was about 18 hours after mine so there's still a chance. Hope you get in. If not, Tim will be at the show on Saturday & Sunday (though not Monday).

  2. Hi Elizabeth - thanks for your best wishes.
    Haven't heard yet, but I did ring Stamp-It today and apparently they've been inundated with registrations. Chad is slowly making his way through them all and I believe he is calling everyone who applied. Didn't hear today, so still have my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'll certainly try and catch Tim at the show if I don't manage to score a seat in class.

  3. I GOT IN! Happy dancing all around the office - I'll see you in the afternoon session Elizabeth and everyone else who will be there.