Friday, 8 June 2012

Went to Class Today with Tim Holtz

I had the very best day today!

After meeting up with Chris, a lovely friend I have made on the Pazzles facebook page, and with whom I am attending classes at the Expo tomorrow, and having lunch with Chris, and Cecilia and Fran who we found reading the menu at a nearby cafe, Cecilia, Fran and I attended the afternoon session of  Tim Holtz's class 'Artful Flight'.

And take it from me - Tim is the most amazing teacher - and Mario, his business manager, must be the most organised person I've ever met.

We didn't have to take anything to class - everything we needed was sitting there on the desks waiting for us. (Such a great thing, considering all the other stuff I have had to bring from Perth to attend the other classes I am booked in for over the Expo weekend) And the project - Artful Flight - is just gorgeous. I've never used little canvases before - and everyone got their projects finished before we headed home due to quite a bit of prep work by Mario prior to class (God bless you Mario)

So ... here are the pics!

And so class begins ...

And here is my completed 'Artful Flight ' 
(sorry about the pic - had to take it in my hotel room and the lighting isn't very good!)

And a very excited me with Tim
(in my totally excellent Ranger Inks apron - everyone was given one - how wonderful is that!)

And me and Mario
(the guy who stays in the background, but who makes it all happen!)

Oh ... and guess what else we got!

Oh yes! A Tim Holtz satchel. And no ... you can't buy these anywhere - 
you have to have attended a Tim Holtz class to get one!

I'm SURE I'll be taking this little loveliness with me when I go to the Expo tomorrow - me, a showoff? no, surely not!

But seriously - Thank you so much Tim and Mario, and to Stamp-It Australia too for organising everything so beautifully. I had a blast.


  1. Janie, It was great meeting you on the weekend! I've just blogged the Workshop and linked your blog to my blog! We had a great time in Brissy and I have lots of projects to do now! Also decided to purchase a set of Distress markers - trying not to burn dinner as I played with them tonight!!
    My blog -

  2. Well thankyou Janie it was so nice to meet up with you in person also. A lovely lunch we had. Also nice to have met Celia & Fran. I was disappointed there were no cancellations for Tim's workshop. Nice photos

  3. That sounded such fun Janie, and I love what you made!