Monday, 23 July 2012

Bonbon Gift Boxes

Bonbon gift boxes seem to be all the rage at the moment. Or perhaps it's just the 'Christmas in July' thing again ... who knows!

I love Christmas, and Christmas in July is one of my most favourite 'made-up' festivities, as in - it's a festive occasion for no other reason than a good excuse to eat Christmas food twice in one year.

Anyway - I decided that I wanted to create a cut file for a hexagon shaped bonbon gift holder to use in my Christmas in July table decorations this year ... and then realised that these cute little things could be used all year round. They could work equally as well for bonboniere gift boxes at a bridal shower or wedding, a baby shower or christening, or at themed children's parties or Halloween ... the list goes on, and on, and on!

Pretty Hexagonal Bonbon Gift Boxes
After a little experimentation I have decided that you will need to use a heavier weighted scrapbooking paper, or card for the bonbon parts, and then use a lighter weight paper for your decorative wrap etc.

Dress them up, leave them plain, add a glorious abundance of ribbons, include tags, flowers, holly leaves - the sky is the limit.

I've included .wpc files for the basic bonbon shapes here for those of you who own a Pazzles Inspiration cutting machine. But for those who don't, I have also included a .pdf file which you can import into your own cutting machine's software. I'll let you add your own twiddly bits!

And if you'd like a quick step through on how to cut and construct a bonbon gift box  ...

  • Load paper into your cutting machine.
  • Cut the dashed  'kiss-cut' lines first, which will create the fold lines.
  • Cut out the rest of the lines to make the two parts of the box.
  • Fold on the dashed cut lines.
  • Create a cylinder out of one side of the box, by gluing the front of the left-hand edge panels to the back of the right-hand edge panels, and repeat for the other side of the box.
  • Tie your choice of ribbon around the gusset of each part of the box, add your own choice of decorations to the barrel of the outer part of the box, fill with goodies and you are done!


  1. Beautiful Box !! thanks a lot.

  2. I was so excited to find this xmas bon bon, went to get the file but unfortuantly there is an error in the dropbox link :(

  3. Hi Penny - so sorry - I had my laptop stolen and few weeks ago and I've just realised from your comment that the dropbox link had been wiped out.
    I have the file here somewhere - let me see if I can find it and put it back in the dropbox.

  4. Should be good to go now! Happy papercutting :-)